Today we have review of Magnum Cobra Desert 8.0 military boots provided to us by Magnum Shop Slovenia.

As from name you can conclude, boots are in desert color and fits great to huge amount of military uniform patterns. Boots Magnum Cobra Desert 8.0 are made from durable leather and have also part of breathable material for better ventilation. Boots alone are not waterproof if not impregnated with waterproof spray which we got together with boots.

Boots was used by our tester on one day and on two 24h milsim events where we had heavy rain during night on both 24h milsim games. Also next day field was very muddy and full of water. We didn’t experienced any water inside boots and also our legs stayed dry.
Boots has thick layer and will warm you during usage in rainy and cold days. Metal parts are made from stainless steel in order to prevent coroding.
We thought that because of material we will rip them on dense and sharp vegetation but that didn’t happend.

Lower part of boots and sole is made from very durable rubber and will last long. You can think they are not comfortable, but after 24h in boots we wasn’t tired and our feets didn’t hurt. We walked in wood, on the road, uneven terrain, mud, rocks and sharp wood and various vegetation and didn’t manage to damage any part of boots…but we gave our best to do it!

Our only objection is that when you tight laces need lot of time. When you want to take off boots, you need to almost remove laces. You need to untight them almost to the end.

Our overall rating is 9,8 for this boots only because laces.

Your S.G.S Team


Za impregnacijo in večjo vodoodpornost svetujemo uporabo Magnum Waterprooferja